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A restaurant employee in Cincinnati helps a woman using Bluu's patio umbrella.

May 18, 2022

A restaurant employee in Cincinnati helps a woman using Bluu's patio umbrella. - Bluu

An act of kindness is vital for the community and is beneficial for business as well. These acts should be a priority for every employee. You can improve a client's day or even life with these small acts of kindness. Be compassionate. Be empathetic.

One happy customer, Shari Hilgefort Bohlander, gave a huge shout-out on Facebook to the staff at La Pinata in Colerain. Shari’s parents left the restaurant La Pinata. Unfortunately, they got caught in a downpour on the way to the car. A worker from the restaurant helped her mom, who was on crutches, walking to her car. He fetched a waterproof patio umbrella and walked her so she would not get wet. He truly deserves recognition for going out of his way above to help. Hundreds have posted kind comments and liked and shared the post about the employee's act of kindness. Bluu acknowledges this act of service, and Bluu is all hearts for helping more people.

Range of outdoor umbrellas at Bluu

Bluu is committed to providing the best USA-standard umbrellas on the market.

You will find Bluu’s patio umbrellas made in USA, rust-proof, waterproof, and wind-resistant. They are also durable, easy to lift, and adjustable. Moreover, Bluu’s umbrellas weigh less than ordinary patio umbrellas. Bluu’s umbrellas range from designer umbrellas to balcony umbrellas, from tilt umbrellas to summer umbrellas. They have a variety of 18 different types of outdoor umbrellas that you can choose from.

Here at Bluu, we've specially designed eco-friendly outdoor furniture, including sofas, chairs, coffee tables, patio umbrellas, and other accessories in our unique store. These items aren't just durable but stylish-looking and long-lasting – whether you're sharing a moment with a loved one or reading a book.

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