Bluu Large Base for Redwood Cantilever Umbrella
Bluu Large Base for Redwood Cantilever Umbrella
Bluu Large Base for Redwood Cantilever Umbrella
Bluu Large Base for Redwood Cantilever Umbrella

Bluu Large Base for Redwood Cantilever Umbrella

Compatible with Redwood Cantilever Umbrella
  • Innovative Design: BLUU LARGE BASE is designed to cover the crossbar supports of a cantilever umbrella, compatible for BLUU REDWOOD umbrellas. This allows your umbrella to be more wind resistant and sturdy. The added weight helps to ensure that your umbrella is secure to your outdoor space.
  • Top-of-the-line material: The base is made of HDPE material which makes it very sturdy and recyclable. The base can bear a lot of weight and is strong enough to hold your umbrella. The base is built to withstand extreme temperatures and UV rays. This base will work all year long. Versatile base:
  • Compatible with offset umbrellas equipped with a cross base up to 47 inches long. After emptying the base, there are built-in handles that allow you to be able to move the base easily.
Bluu Large Base for Redwood Cantilever Umbrella

Bluu Large Base for Redwood Cantilever Umbrella



Each plate is built with its own fill port and a twist cap to create a watertight seal. This allows for quick and easy access to refill the base or empty it for moving or storing of the base. Each plate can hold 27 liters of water, which is about 60 pounds. You can know your umbrella will stand firm all year long.


This base provides a solid anchor for any offset umbrella. Each plate is 22.8 in X 22.8 in X 4.3 in. Each plate can hold up to 107 lbs depending on what you fill the plate with.


The air valve lever controls air volume while burning, and which is previously set up before the heater come out the factory. There is no need to adjust the air valve lever when the flame was green or blue, and the color of green or blue means the gas was fully burned. Otherwise, turn the lever to where the flame appears to be green or blue. We proudly provide a 1-year warranty service and 24/7 customer service.


Customer Reviews

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Nancy Harper
Customer service & product quality

We are very pleased with the team at Bluu! They provided great customer service, communication and follow through for assistance! The Redwood Cantilever Umbrella is of outstanding quality. Great value for the price!

David Metzger
Unable to rate it

We are still waiting to receive the umbrella which seems to have been lost in transit. I’m working with customer service to try to have another umbrella shipped out. I’ll update the review once able to actually use the product.

Michael Scott
Customer Service is not dead

A couple weeks ago I ordered a couple Sequoia cantilevers but did not order the correct bases. When I received my product within several days I realized the mistake I made and was preparing for the dialogue I was gonna have with whomever. To my surprise after sending an email I received a response within a day stating Bluu would send me the correct cantilever bases and to keep the ones I mistakenly ordered. I was preparing to go out of town and was making arrangement for someone to pick up the Sequoia bases when I received the packages, had to be about 2 days max. Needless to say I already told several people of my experience. Thanks again!

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