Birthday Picnic Party Ideas for Adults - How to Plan & Organize

Birthday Picnic Party Ideas for Adults - How to Plan & Organize - Bluu

Would you like to plan a birthday picnic party this year? Whether you're planning the party to celebrate your birthday or someone else's, such as your significant other, best friend, or even a family member, there are many fun birthday picnic ideas for adults worth trying! If you're planning to have the party outdoors, take the time to research laws in your area regarding outdoor gatherings. As long as you're allowed to gather with groups of people in outdoor spaces, you can plan an incredible event with these simple yet fun picnic party ideas.

Birthday Picnic Party Theme Ideas for Adults

Before you start thinking about the food you want to serve, it helps to consider some of the different birthday picnic ideas, including themes you can follow to make the event even more exciting. Check out this list of six indoor and outdoor picnic birthday party themes you can choose from when you want to celebrate your birthday or someone special's birthday!

#1. Backyard Picnic Party by the Fire Pit

Backyard Picnic Party by the Fire Pit

One of the simple birthday picnic ideas is to have a party by the fire pit. This is an excellent option if you already have a fire pit in your backyard and enjoy sitting out by the fire with family and friends. You can search for outdoor picnic decoration ideas and use them as inspiration to decorate your backyard to make it look more festive. Not sure what to hang around the backyard? Paper lanterns, decorative ribbons, and balloon garlands are just a few of the many decorations that would look great in the backyard. Of course, if you plan to use these decorations, keep them within a distance of the fire pit because you wouldn't want them to end up on fire!


  • Enjoy the nice weather while eating grilled food and spending quality time with loved ones.
  • Sit by the fire as it starts to get chillier to keep warm.
  • Roast marshmallows over the fire pit for fun and make S'mores with them.
  • Relax your mind and enjoy the time spent with loved ones.


  • If it starts raining, you'd have to move everyone inside and put the fire out. Or you can use a patio umbrella.
  • You may have insects in the backyard that start irritating you and your guests, such as mosquitoes.

*If you want to avoid mosquito bites, consider lighting citronella candles to keep them at bay.

How to Plan & Prepare

If you want to plan an outdoor picnic by the fire pit from the many picnic theme ideas, make sure you have plenty of wood to keep the fire going. Or you can use a gas fire pit. In addition to purchasing wood for the fire pit, you'll need to:

  • Get your picnic party decorations and hang them in select spaces throughout the backyard.
  • Send out invitations informing guests of the date and time to arrive at your home. Let them know the picnic is happening outdoors!
  • Find fun picnic activities for adults, such as Twister, Ring Toss, Cornhole, and more.
  • Decide on the types of food you'll serve. Because it's an outdoor backyard picnic party, you might want to do hot dogs, burgers, and simple finger foods.

#2. Poolside Picnic Party Under the Patio Umbrella

Poolside Picnic Party Under the Patio Umbrella

Who doesn't love a good pool party? If you've got a pool in your backyard or know of an outdoor area where you can use the pool and host a party, this is an excellent idea! It's another one of the outdoor picnic party ideas that can keep you laughing, entertained, and having a genuinely good time with loved ones throughout the event.


  • You can keep your guests entertained with the pool, giving them time to participate in water activities or swim around for fun.
  • Guests can play different water games in addition to games outside of the pool.
  • Keep cool on some of the hottest days of the year, especially if you or your loved one's birthday is in the summer.


  • Not everyone likes to swim, so some of your guests may prefer not to get in the pool.
  • If you're going to a public pool, it can get crowded with other guests, which may take away from the overall experience.
  • If it's your pool, you'll need to clean it and remove leaves, insects, and other debris from the water before your guests arrive, so it's extra work for you.

*While these are a few cons to having a pool party, it's still a great idea if you love swimming and want to have a genuinely good time with your loved ones.

How to Plan & Prepare

When planning a pool party for your birthday, send invitations letting your guests know to bring their bathing suits. You wouldn't want anyone to forget! In addition, consider these options during the planning process:

  • Decide on the types of foods you'd like to prepare. Finger foods are great because they're light and won't make your guests feel too heavy or full when it's time for swimming.
  • Choose your decorations. Many people use a beach theme when having a pool party. If you like that theme, you can decorate with beach balls, flip-flop garlands, and much more.
  • Decide where to put your decorations, such as on the fence, around the pool, and even by the back door. If you're in a public space, such as a park with a pool available to the public, you may still be able to decorate.

#3. Lakeside Boho Picnic Party

Lakeside Boho Picnic Party

Create the most incredible vibe with a lakeside boho picnic party. It's one of the park party ideas for adults that can turn out amazing if you gather the right supplies and decorations to set things up for your guests. The boho vibe is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who want to spend hours by the lake while enjoying quality time with family and friends. If this sounds like you, this option is worth considering!


  • You can hang out by the lake with guests, get in the water, and participate in different activities.
  • Enjoy spending time outdoors, soaking up the sun, and having a genuinely good time during the nice weather.
  • Have fun in or out of the water, whether swimming, fishing, sunbathing, or having great conversations with those around you, such as your family and friends.


  • You'll have to worry about the weather during the event. You wouldn't want it to rain on your special day.
  • It can get chilly when having a lakeside party, especially if you have it in the evening and the sun begins setting.

*Although weather-related issues are always a concern, you can pay attention to the forecast closer to the event to get an idea of what the weather will be like on that day.

How to Plan & Prepare

You'll need to take a few steps when planning a lakeside boho picnic party. You want to ensure you have all the necessary supplies to have an unforgettable event with loved ones while celebrating such a special day.

  • Consider the decorations you want to use, including paper lanterns, mini tents, and string lights. Many people like to use small tables with seats as pillows for boho-style events.
  • Choose the type of food you want to prepare, whether you'd like to do finger foods or a specific type of cuisine that you enjoy most.
  • Send invitations that match your lakeside boho theme and let guests know that the event is happening by the lake, so they know to bring their swimsuits and other essentials.

On the day of the event, you can begin setting everything up a few hours in advance to ensure that your picnic party turns out as expected.

#4. Sunset Couple Picnic

Sunset Couple Picnic

Do you want to have a more intimate experience? If so, a sunset couple's picnic is the perfect way to spend your birthday. Rather than dealing with crowds or hanging out with a bunch of people, you can enjoy dining on your favorite foods with the person who means the most to you.


  • You can watch the sunset with your partner in the most romantic environment.
  • You'll choose the ideal destination for the picnic, such as a local park.
  • It's a fantastic way to spend quality time with your significant other.


  • It will just be the two of you instead of everyone else, such as your family and friends.
  • If you have a picnic in a public place, you may have strangers around you.

*While these are simple concerns that come along with having a couple's sunset picnic for your birthday, they're not that big of a deal. For example, you may prefer being alone with your partner and aren't worried about dealing with random people who might pass you by while you have your picnic.

How to Plan & Prepare

Planning for a sunset picnic with your partner is much easier than planning an event that many guests will attend. You might not even need decorations. Instead, these are the things you'll need to do:

  • Plan out the menu. Choose foods that you and your significant other can enjoy together.
  • Decide if you want to pair the food with a bottle of wine.
  • Find a comfortable blanket you can place out in the grass for sitting.
  • Choose the ideal spot to watch the sunset.

You can’t go wrong with such a simple way to spend your birthday as an adult.

#5. Classic Picnic Party in the Park

Classic Picnic Party in the Park

If you want to take a more traditional approach, why not go for the classic picnic party in the park? Find a spacious park in your area with benches, some of which might even have small grills available to use while you're there.


  • Enjoy the nice weather with family and friends.
  • Have access to a grill or bring a portable one to the park to prepare easy yet delicious foods, such as chicken and hot dogs.
  • Have more than enough space for fun outdoor activities, such as frisbee.
  • A park picnic party is great for adults AND their children!


  • It can get crowded at a public park if other people have the same idea as you about hosting their birthday party there.
  • The weather has the potential to ruin the picnic if it begins raining heavily or becomes too windy, causing everything to blow away.

*While the cons may deter you from wanting to have a party at the park, there are many good reasons to go for it. You can make memories and have the time of your life while celebrating your birthday.

How to Plan & Prepare

If you want to have a traditional park picnic birthday party, these are the steps you'll need to take:

  • Choose the ideal park for the event and gather information on outdoor gatherings.
  • Find out if the park offers different amenities, such as public restrooms and small grills for guests to use.
  • Send your invitations and let guests know where to show up.
  • Choose decorations if you're allowed to decorate some of the trees for the event.
  • Decide on the menu. Most people will stick with simple food for a park party, including grilled goodies and snacks like chips and pretzels.

#6. Indoor Picnic Party

Indoor Picnic Party

Who says you have to be outside to enjoy the fun of a birthday picnic party? You have the option of hosting an indoor picnic party that can be just as much fun as one taking place outside.


  • You don't have to worry about the weather. It doesn't matter if it's raining, snowing, or super windy because you'll have the event inside.
  • You can invite loved ones to your place or host a picnic-style event at a venue.


  • You may be limited on the amount of space available when hosting a picnic party indoors.
  • You won't be able to enjoy the fresh, crisp air and great breeze on those beautiful days!

How to Plan & Prepare

When planning your indoor picnic party, decide how many people to invite based on the available space. Next, send your invitations. You can also take the following steps for the party:

  • Prepare the food you plan to serve, whether you need to fry things on the stove, use the air fryer, or bake the goods.
  • Start hanging decorations throughout the building, selecting a theme that you like best.
  • Bring out the board games and other activities that you can complete during an indoor picnic.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to have a birthday picnic party for adults. With these six options, you have plenty of ideas to choose from and can decide on the perfect event for such a special day!

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