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Title: Basic

Bluu's high-power propane / butane kitchen torch is ideal for searing a steak, sous vide, glazing a baked ham, caramelizing sugar, and melting cheese. Also useful for lighting your charcoal grill, campfire and anything else you can think of!

- Ideal cooking tool for men and women who like to grill and party.

Key Features

  • Multy-function Propane Torch- Perfectly suited for most purposes.
  • Piezo Ignition Method - Lgniting the flame by pressing botton.
  • Output Powerful Flame - - Giving a fascinating flavor of flame grilling.
  • Easy Operation To Control Flame - It also has an adjustable gas control design.
  • Wide Fuel Adaptability - Suitable for most propane tanks on the market.
  • CSA Certificatication - Proudly Certified By CSA.
User Guide



Bottle Stand:



Fire Adjustment:




240,000 BTU

400,000 BTU


CSA Certified

CSA Certified

Ignition method:

Piezo Ignition

Piezo Ignition

Fast & Powerful For Cooking

Enjoy The Advantage Of Cooking Food

Crucially, it has a BTU capacity of 240,000, which can be suitable for most usage scenarios. Well-built grill gun can cook faster for your purpose. Perfectly suited for most purposes.The wider and heavier flame outlet can strongly output powerful flame to give you a fascinating flavor of flame grilling.
- Multy-function propane / butane kitchen torch

Easy Operation To Get Enough Flame

Flame temperature of our Torch can reach up to 2400 °F to perfectly suited for most applications. The wider and heavier flameoutlet can strongly output powerful flame. Handheld Propane Torch Head is perfect for searing food in a hurry.
- Adjustable control with max 2400 °F Flame

A Wide Range Of Fuel Adaptability

The kitchen torch lighter can be used withpropane, butane, MAPP, MAP-Pro gas. Suitable for most propane tanks on the market.The package contains detailed instructions for use, which can help beginners figure out how to use and store the propane torch.
- Wide fuel adaption & detailed instruction




Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
shawn smith
Bluu flame torch

What an awesome experience. I will be using this torch for so many things! Good quality, and very easy to use. The flame is also very simple to control. A must buy.

Nina Skinner

Still have received one of the guns

Thomas Bruce
It Works But….

It works ok but I can’t get the self ignitor to start the flame. Since there is nothing in the box besides the tool I don’t know if I’m missing something. I can see the ignitor spark but it won’t light the gas. I use a lighter to get it flaming. It works great after I do that.

Sallie Peterkin

Great item

Ted Curtis
I am a farmer and use this torch a lot.

This torch has the horsepower of some of the big weed burners I use around my ranch, and the convenience of being able to leave it in my vehicle. I love it.

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