Bluu Compact Base for Banyan Offset Umbrella

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Elevate your outdoor space with optimal shade solutions

With a weight capacity of up to 230 lbs, a lower center of gravity for maximized stability, high-density construction, and weather resistance, this versatile base provides secure support for offset umbrellas, allowing you to create a stylish and shaded oasis in your backyard or patio.


HDPE Recyclable Plastic





Weight (unfilled):

18.1 lbs

Bluu Compact Base for Banyan Offset Hanging Umbrella - Bluu

A Wide Range of Umbrellas

This base provides a solid anchor for any offset umbrella. Each plate is 19.89 in X 19.89 in X 3.35 in. It can hold up to 230 lbs depending on what you fill the plate with.

BLUU COMPACT BASE is only compatible with BANYAN HANGING UMBRELLAS or other brand umbrellas equipped with a cross base up to 40 inches long.

Made of Durable HDPE Material

The base is made of HDPE material which makes it very sturdy and recyclable. The base can bear a lot of weight and is strong enough to hold your umbrella. The base is built to withstand extreme temperatures and UV rays. 

Easy to Carry

The installation is simple and easy, and no tools are required. When empty, the base is lightweight and easy to move - there are built in handles that allow you to be able to move the base easily.

Bluu Compact Base for Banyan Offset Hanging Umbrella - Bluu

Three Options To Fill

Each plate is built with its own fill port and a twist cap to create a watertight seal. This allows for quick and easy access to refill the base or empty it for moving or storing of the base. It can hold 126 lbs water / 190 lbs sand / 230 lbs of the mixture. You can know your umbrella will stand firm all year long.


Customer Reviews

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Jose Huante
Compact Base

I had purchased this base for a offset umbrella. The original base that came with the umbrella was a sand bag of some sort. Seemed very cheap material. Each piece of the base can hold 50lbs. of sand. It will take some work to fill all the cavaties. So far ive been very happy with the base. I wish Bluu could design a center insert for a cleaner look. I like the fact that each piece fits over the stand legs instead of in-between.

Blue offset umbrella

Very easy to change positions and very sturdy!

Heavy duty and sturdy

Very sturdy, easy to maneuver. Would recommend to anyone

Large, easy fill weighted umbrella base

I purchased this with the coordinating umbrella from this company. It matches very well and fits just right. Be aware this does take up a good chunk of floor space so be sure you have the room. I filled mine with water (which took far less time than I expected) and seems to be pretty stable so far.

Great umbrella support.

I filled with water. Fits right over feet of umbrella. Easy👍

One Umbrella, One Tree

Through a partnership with American Forests, Bluu always keeps reforestation in mind. We're the only outdoor living brand that plants one tree for every umbrella sold. One tree at a time.

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

As a proud member of The Skin Cancer Foundation's Corporate Council, Bluu shares the Foundation's commitment to saving and improving lives. Bluu supports the Foundation's work of empowering people to take a proactive approach to daily sun protection and the early detection and treatment of skin cancer.