[Tips 2023] The Best Cozy Backyard Movie Night Ideas for You

cozy backyard movie night

Going to the drive-in movie theater sounds fun, but have you ever heard of something better than that? An outdoor movie night! Make all your home outdoor movie night dreams come true by preparing your own movie night outdoors and enjoy it more with your cool outdoor umbrella. This article will give you some great ideas.

Preparing your own movie night may seem hard, but it actually takes just a few minutes to set it up.

Video Projector

A video project is definitely the first thing you should have to enjoy your cozy backyard movie night. Pick yourself a projector, make sure it can also be easily connected with multiple devices and have a big screen.

Cozy Sitting Area

With your Bluu Outdoor Lounge Chair and Bluu Adirondeck Chair, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite flicks while chilling and relaxing outside. Prepare the snacks, the ice bucket beverages, and the place as you enjoy a movie outside! By making your own movie theater outdoors, you’ll be able to save time and free yourself from the hassle of going to the drive-in theater to deal with the traffic. The good thing here is, Bluu’s outdoor furniture are specially designed for outdoor activities such as these and are made to provide comfort while enjoying your favorite past time of watching a movie outside. With those, you can finally relax yourself off by watching your favorite blockbuster flick on your own or with your friends and family while sitting at the outdoor chairs.

Bluu Outdoor Adirondack Chair

Glamorous Vibe

With tons of lights is the outdoor movie night set up glamorous, yet attainable at the same time. Hang your favorite ornament for such a beautiful, cute and cozy night. Bluu patio umbrellas have velcro straps at the end of each rib allowing you to hang small decorative items such as wind chimes, string lights, or any small item you want to display. They are ready to keep you company day and night. 

Or you can DIY some string led lights and hang them on trees or other places.

If you have have kids and pets running around, it is safer to use a patio umbrella with solar lights integrated. With 8 high-quality LED strips integrated into the offset umbrella, it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for any occasion. Since the lights are charged with solar power, you don't have to worry about power sources or extension cords and can put the umbrella anywhere you want.

bluu banyan solar led offset hanging umbrella

Stylish Decor

Your patio should be a welcoming part of the house, where you can stay outdoors to relax, enjoy the cool breeze, and unwind after a long day. Many people love Camille styles, complete with fluffy pillows and draped lights. You may find more ideas you need in this guide: How to Create a More Relaxing Patio SpaceYou can also DIY your own backyard movie night innovatively at this point. 

You may also need a deck box to store all of your belongings after the movie party. Our 120 Gallon and 100 Gallon Deck Boxes an be used both indoor and outdoor, including outdoor cushions, garden tools, pool toys, sports equipment, and even family memories. Strong, durable, and of course waterproof, can sit 2 people on it.

bluu 100 gallon deck box

Snacks and Drinks

What’s a movie night without popcorn. But if you’re hoping for something more than simple movie theater snacks, setting out an appetizer spread is a great option. Go for easy-to-eat finger foods, like pigs in a blanket and meatballs, to ensure your friends and familly can easily enjoy their food while they’re watching the movie. Here are backyard movie night food ideas:

Cocktails, Soda, beer, wine are perfect for a movie night. We find this guide interesting: 7 Cocktails to Go Perfectly with Movie Night. To keep the drinks cold and for you don't need to go away to get another drink, an outdoor cool bar table is probably what you need for a backyard movie night. You can fill the ice box with ice and keep your drinks, beer, wine cold. This is a great addition to your space.

Photo: houseonoakhill


Watching a movie is easy, but to totally enjoy it is the challenge! For you to enjoy a movie is to feel genuine comfort in your surroundings and to be able to adapt yourself into it with the help of the ambiance of your location and set-up. Watching a movie can be done anytime as long as you are comfortable, even by yourself or with the people that you care about. Great thing is, free of traffic! Sounds great, right? Why won’t you start making your own outdoor movie theater right now? As mentioned, it is super easy.

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