How to Make Outdoor Christmas Decorations for Your Porch and Patio in 2023

How to Make Outdoor Christmas Decorations for Your Porch and Patio in 2022 - Bluu

The Christmas season is almost upon us, and it is time to start with the decorations. Just as you beautifully decorate the inside of your home, doing the same for your outdoor space is essential. Who wouldn't be excited to come home to a cozy and beautifully decorated porch, patio, or backyard with fairy or twinkling outdoor lights, amazing garlands, wreaths, and colorful greenery?

Decorating your outdoor space for Christmas can be as simple as hanging a wreath or garland, hanging colorful lights, or DIYing the decorations on the porch or patio. Whatever your idea, having outdoor Christmas decorations is an opportunity to show your family, friends, and neighbors that you are ready to dive into the holiday spirit.

Your outdoor decorations for Christmas do not have to be out of your budget. You don't have to have the most lights or over-the-top items to have the best-decorated house in the neighborhood. There are so many amazing budget-friendly outdoor Christmas decoration items that will transform your outdoor space into a place that will bring about Christmas cheer and leave you both joyful, festive, spirited, and tasteful.

Here are some ideas on how to transform your porch or patio with the best outdoor Christmas decorations this 2022.

Choose a Theme

When it comes to outdoor Christmas décor, it is easy to go extreme, and if you are not careful, you may add so many decorations to your porch, patio, or other outdoor space that may look overwhelming.

This is why there are Christmas themes available to give your outdoor space a unique look. Here are some outdoor Christmas decoration themes ideas.


This Christmas decorating theme is clean and sleek and is ideal for minimalists. With this theme, you can use one strong color, such as red, for a more traditional look, or turquoise, against a monochromatic background.

Winter Wonderland

The winter wonderland Christmas theme is one of the most widely-used Christmas decorating themes. To get a winter wonderland look, use white as the predominant color when decorating your outdoor space. This gives the feeling of being in a white, magical, and beautiful forest covered in snow.


The traditional theme creates a cozy comfort of warmth and familiarity. The traditional theme uses green, red, and cream colors and wood. So many natural elements are added to this Christmas theme, such as wreaths, garlands, a real Christmas tree, and big bows of ribbon. This theme delivers a cozy vibe.


If you want your Christmas decorations to complement the existing décor of your outdoor space, this is the theme for you. This theme requires using some key decorative pieces to decorate your patio or porch. This theme ensures the porch or patio honors the Christmas traditions and festivities without taking away the beauty of the existing outdoor décor. Everything is scaled down and simple.


This theme is for those who want a lot of natural looks. With some natural textures of fir wreaths, garlands, plants, trees, flannel, pine boughs, and plenty of wooden decorations, you already have the essential décor items needed to give your outdoor space a rustic look.

Shapes or Symbols

To decorate your outdoor space, you could use shapes or symbols, such as snowflakes, stars, angels, heart, and other signature shapes. You could add some stockings, candy canes, or ornaments with the same shape. This gives your patio, backyard, or porch a simple but unique shapely thematic look.

Decide Your Budget

Christmas shopping without a budget in mind can be decorations. Therefore, before you go Christmas decoration shopping, decide on your budget. This will help you avoid overspending and ensure you buy only what's necessary.

Make a list

Before shopping for Christmas decorations, make a list. Once you have decided on your budget, list the decoration items you want to get, how much your need, and their costs. If they are above your budget, you can reduce the less-needed items.

Invest in quality decoration items

There are so many Christmas decoration items available that it is easy to get carried away and get items that are not durable. Therefore, investing in quality but cheap outdoor Christmas decorations is key to long-lasting use. This way, you will be able to use the items the following year.

DIY outdoor Christmas decoration

If you love DIY crafts, Christmas is the best time to show them. DIYing your outdoor space gets you into the festive season, brings out your creativity and makes the decorating process special. You can use many things to create your DIY outdoor Christmas decorations, such as pine branches, wood, papers, ribbons, and other things to craft and decorate. You can also spice up your patio or porch with red, white, or green throw blankets, pillows, planters, and ornament-filled items.

Consider Weather Conditions

Before you begin decorating, consider the weather conditions. Weather can be unpredictable. Even if you live in an area with mild weather conditions, it is always an excellent idea to have a what-if-an-unexpected-weather-happens plan in place. This ensures your outdoor Christmas decorations look as good as they did in the beginning after a few weeks in the open.

Here are ways to prepare your Christmas decorations for unexpected weather conditions.

  • Waterproofing

  • Use Clear Coats of Acrylic or Polyurethane

  • Use Patio Umbrellas

  • Keep Decorations in Place

These tips help protect your items.

Determine Where to Place

No matter how small your outdoor space is, it is awful to leave it undecorated. Every place in your home needs to be filled with the festive season. Every outdoor space in your home is important; therefore, up-and-decorate them.

Front porch

Your front porch is the first thing guests see when they visit your house; therefore, it is important it is decorated. Decorating your front porch adds warmth and a sense of visual appeal to your home, and it's a way to make your guest feel welcome and warm. It also makes a good first impression. Your beautifully decorated porch might instill healthy competition among your friends and neighbors.


Your garden is one particular place you are free to get creative with your Christmas decorations. Decorating your garden is key to getting into the spirit of Christmas, and when you invite your guests to your garden, they have a feeling they have entered into another world of festivities. Therefore, make your garden the envy of your neighbors with elaborate light designs and other Christmas decorations.


One of the places a lot of gathering with friends and family, binge-watching your favorite holiday movies, or hosting a party is the backyard. Your backyard is like a blank canvas, ready to be filled with so many beautiful outdoor Christmas decorations. Your guests will have a great time surrounded by the spirit of Christmas, have fun snacking on Christmas desserts, cozying up for Christmas movies, play Christmas party games, and more.

The backyard can also provide your kids with unlimited space to show off their creative side.


Decorating your lawn is a great way to make the exterior of your home look festive. Christmas lawn decorations welcome guests to your home by capturing their attention from the road to your doorstep. You can decorate your lawn with lights and garlands.

10 Outdoor Christmas Decoration Tips for You

Here are the 10 best tips for your outdoor Christmas decoration.

1. Place a tree outdoor

Place a tree outdoor

You don't have to limit your Christmas trees to the inside of your house. Who says the evergreen Christmas tree is only meant for indoors? Placing a Christmas tree outdoors adds sparkle, shine, glimmer, and an extra appeal to your outdoor decorations. It sets the scene for the season's greetings and whoever passes by your home cannot help but smile.

You can use a real outdoor Christmas tree or a faux one, decorated with ornaments, lights, etc.

2. Update your front porch

Update your front porch

To create a festive environment to welcome guests or relax, swap the old decor and give your front porch a makeover with seasonal and Christmas decor. For your porch, get Christmas-themed outdoor rugs, Christmas-themed pillows, and doormats. etc. You can also add sparking artificial or real outdoor Christmas trees, wreaths, topiaries, planters, and more. Hang up lots of ornaments with fishing lines and get a fantastic result.

3. Hang wreaths

Hang wreaths

An item. so simple yet so effective adds beauty to any home. There is nothing more welcoming during the Christmas season than a Christmas wreath on your front door, side door, windows, trees, chimneys, gate, backyard greenhouse, etc.

You could DIY your wreath, go for an oversized wreath, or gift-wrap your wreath. To add an extra touch of greenery, team up the wreath with garland or foliage above the front door. Add fairy lights to impress once it's dark. No matter how decorated, all styles and designs are sure to make a passerby smile.

4. Create layers of light everywhere

Create layers of light everywhere

If you were to put up only one Christmas decoration outdoors, ensure they are Christmas lights. This is the season to illuminate, so don't just illuminate the inside of your home, illuminate the outside as well.

You can add different lights in various outdoor areas. From string lights wrapped around the trees in your front yard, porch railings, and rooflines, fairy lights in plant urns, net light in your shrubs, to twinking light along your doorway or columns, there's an endless application for outdoor lights. You could also use a glow-in-the-dark planter to brighten up your backyard greenhouse. It will serve a double purpose - will contain beautiful plants and light up when it is dark.

Therefore, for plant lovers, get a backyard greenhouse, fill it with your favorite plants and flowers, and place the glow-in-the-dark planters to ensure the lights stay up all the time.

5. Use oversized decorations

Use oversized decorations

They say, bigger is better, and that is absolutely true when outdoor Christmas decorating. Perfect, fun, and a project for the whole family, creating an oversized Christmas decoration is easy, in fact, your limit could be your imagination. From giant inflatable to giant stockings, oversized ornaments, and even oversized wreaths, it's amazing the outcome you'll get. To spice and sparkle it up, you can add a few strings or fairy lights.

6. Spread the “JOY”

Spread the “JOY”

Christmas is all about JOY, so spelling it on the wall colorfully and uniquely can add a distinctive appeal to your front porch.

You can be creative with this. You can paint each letter in the Christmas color, substitute the O in JOY with a wreath, hang them from a string on the roof, and more. You could also place them on flowerbeds or flower pots.

7. Add planters

Add planters

To get the festive look of a Christmas tree and a bright entrance without adding a full-sized tree to your patio or porch, add seasonal greenery in decorative planters. You can add a mix of pinecones, evergreen sprigs, branches, some ornaments, grapevine balls, and more, adorned with Christmas light. You can place them by the entryway staircase, window, or on an outdoor side table.

8. Add outdoor fire pits

Add outdoor fire pits
Your porch or patio is a great place to sit, relax, and enjoy the festive season, and one great way to add warmth and some Christmas magic is with a fire pit. Fire pits add style, elegance, magic, and warmth to your outdoor space.

You can place the firepit on your patio, deck, porch, balcony, or backyard and gather around with your friend and family, roasting s'mores and having fun. There are many fire pit options to choose from, including wood-burning fire pits, round gas fire pits, fire pit table, and more. You could also go for a fire pit bowl pro for added convenience.

9. Spice up your backyard

Spice up your backyard

Just as you decorate your front yard, do not hesitate to do the same for your backyard. Bring life to your backyard with various Christmas decorations. Whether or not you decide to go all out, your patio will definitely benefit from holiday decorations and lighting.

One essential item needed in your backyard this season is a patio umbrella with lights. The benefits of this item this season are endless, not only do they light up and add ambiance to your backyard, but they can also serve as a relaxing area. You can purchase a solar LED banyan pro offset hanging umbrella, saving you from having to look for a power source to put on the light or a patio umbrella with Bluetooth speaker umbrella light. You get to listen to music from the Bluetooth speaker connected to the umbrella, and more. Line the pole with garland, and the table with greenery.

10. Declutter and store safely

Declutter and store safely

The more outdoor or indoor Christmas decorations you have, the more important it is to be organized and store them safely. A deck box is needed for this. It is an attractive and convenient storage trunk in that you can safely store your outdoor items, cushions, tools, and more to create more outdoor space. One of the best deck boxes to get this season is the deck box. This box has enough space to hold a large number of items. The good news, it can be placed on the patio, porch, or deck and used as a bench.


At this time of the year, everyone is getting ready to beautify their outdoor space and get into the Christmas spirit. Don't be left out. Be creative, and you and your outdoor space will shine.

Let us know how you decorate your own porch or patio. Merry Christmas!


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