21 Home Date Night Ideas During Covid - Fun and Budget Friendly

21 Home Date Night Ideas During Covid - Fun and Budget Friendly - Bluu

Has social distancing and isolation put a break in your love life? Whether it's a brand new relationship or you've been together for years, oftentimes it's a struggle to think of creative new date night ideas, which prosper your relationship without breaking the bank. Well, goodbye to old ideas. Au revoir to fresh ones.

In this economy, it's no surprise daters are all down for fun and budget-friendly dates. Say hello to our 21 affordable home date night ideas during Covid.

We've split this up into indoor date night ideas and outdoor date night ideas.

Wish to play the date night lottery? Get your partner to pick a number between 1 and 21 and that's your next date. Enjoy!

1. Gardening Day Date

Gardening Day Date

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Add some greenery to your yard by plating herbs or beautiful flowers. What better way to do that than a Gardening date with your partner that's packed with little DIY backyard ideas?!

Make your garden feel lusher — Plus, you'll get to harvest your handiwork and impress your partner when you don't have to buy basil or mint leaves at the grocery store.

Check out DIY Planter Raised Garden Beds and Backyard GreenHouse if you have a small garden space to get the full garden feel.

2. Brunch It Up

Brunch It Up

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Just because you didn't wake up together doesn't mean you lost the day before noon. Make it up with a cute lunch date with your favorite food and music in the background. There is nothing more romantic than being with someone you love and surrounded by the appreciation of the efforts you get over the brunch conversations.

3. Have a Spa Night

Have a Spa Night

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Indulge your partner in massage and self-care products. Grab any product that brings joy to their life, your favorite mask, or their favorite cream. End with a warm oil massage and run a steaming bubble bath. Escape in luxury. Dry yourselves on the poolside on a Chaise Lounge , Adirondack Chair , and light up the Fire Pit with a Kitchen Torch under the cool vibes of the Patio umbrella.

For a dinner date, I eat light all day to save room, then I go all in: I choose this meal and this order, and I choose you, the person across from me, to share it with. There's a beautiful intimacy in a meal like that.

— Anthony Bourdain

4. Start a Book Club, and Read to Each Other.

Start a Book Club, and Read to Each Other.

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Books are a great form of escapism and give you depth to see each other's intellectual sides as you discuss the characters and stories of what you've chosen to read. Book reading gives you a chance to open up conversations about something other than the pandemic, virus, work situation, and all the other worries going on right now. An epic Jane Austen love story will enhance the romance.

5. Celebrate the Day you Met

Celebrate the Day you Met

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The thought is to recreate that year, day, the moment you met in as many fun ways as you can imagine. You can plan this date by selecting a popular movie, outfits, a hit song, even a portion of food that was trendy in those times, or maybe something from the first meal, food, or gift you shared.

6. Go to Spotify Spree

Go to Spotify Spree

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Upgrade your playlists and listen to each other's music tastes. Share your favorite tunes, artists, podcasts, etc. Take your conversations deeper by sending inviting prompts like "Play our all-time favorite song" or "Play a song that reminds you of me". Getting to know each other on a deeper level via Spotify music is the modern efficient way to refresh your connection with your partner.

7. Cozy Up Around a Fire Talks

Cozy Up Around a Fire Talks

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Pleasant evening wine, food, and talks in front of a cozy fire are just the perfect way to relax.

If it's winter, try lighting a Fire Pit , laying blankets on the Chaise Lounge , adding cushions and pillows for extra comfort for you and your partner, and having the endless conversation that will last late into the night.

Friday night is our date night. We really carve out time for each other.

— Karen Kain

8. Have a Couples Quiz Night

Have a Couples Quiz Night

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It's all about getting to each other better. Quiz night can be in the theme of Would You Rather or Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, or your version of questions you've always wanted to ask your partner. Put together a list of the first date awkward questions, getting-to-know-you, and then write each other's answers as you go with the game. Once you complete that part, swap pages, and go over each other's answers together, looking at how well they know you.

9. Survive the Pandemic One Pot at a Time

Survive the Pandemic One Pot at a Time

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Pottery making is a unique way to spend time with your partner without coming off too strong. Let your creativity flow, and indulge in a pottery craft box during your time together is a great way to keep relations fresh. This pottery-making creates a remarkable indoor experience.

10. Binge-watch the TV show

Binge-watch the TV show

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Exhausted from the back and forth trying to decide what to watch? Pick a show neither of you has seen and been planning to watch each episode together. Send text commentary in real-time if you wish to keep it fun and games. Afterward, have a show review in real time understanding complex characters and storylines.

When I need a break, a date night with my husband or a night out with girlfriends always does the trick.

— Adriana Lima

11. Have a Craft Party

Binge-watch the TV show

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Art & craft is always fun when done with the person you love. Besides, it helps in team building, working together brings creativity as a way to strengthen your relationship - not to mention the temptation.

Treat yourselves afterward with a glass of wine, some takeout, and the sweet dessert of art well done.

12. Gaming Marathon

Gaming Marathon

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Be a player, show them how you play a game! A game night helps you to release all the stress when you're in isolation.

Console games are a great escape from regular life, allowing you to immerse yourself in fictional worlds of colorful characters, gripping gunfights, storylines, realistic racetracks, and more. Besides, game night is an easy way to reveal your bae's secret competitive streak and show off yours.

13. Exercise Together

Exercise Together

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Couples who train together, stay together. A good workout can do wonders for the mind and body, especially if you're stuck indoors in isolation. Double the enjoyment, by pairing up for that experience. If you're more of a cardio person and your significant other is a weight fanatic, try swapping workout routines. This is the perfect opportunity to understand that fitness point of view and improve your health together.

14. Go Viral Learning a TikTok Dance

Go Viral Learning a TikTok Dance [Image]

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How about making a trend with your moves? Get creative with catchy silly dances you do for each other all the time. Social media's ability to bring people together from all over the world is the greatest pastime we never knew we needed in this time of isolation.

We have a family calendar and it's how everybody runs. In truth, there's no trick to balancing it. If you look at the calendar and you've seen you've gone ten days without a date night, you know you need to prioritize more.

— Kristen Bell

15. Journey to a Memory Lane Trip

Journey to a Memory Lane Trip

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It's hard keeping the flame alive in the time of coronavirus but it's not impossible. One of the best ways to rejoice in your relationship is by looking through old albums, sharing childhood stories and upbringing, reminiscing about that cool lounge bar you used to go to, and having date nights of your most exciting times together.

16. Candlelight Dining in Garden

Candlelight Dining in Garden

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Romantic dining setups are often a little overlooked, but if you're among those who believe that the way to the heart is through the stomach, then the candlelight dining in the garden area should be your ultimate destination for a romantic night.

Whether it's an expertly home-cooked recipe, a supermarket meal deal, or your favorite takeaway, here are a few bonus tips to help make it a night to remember.

Your first step is to clear away all the garden clutter and store it in a Deck Box , even if that means covering your garden tools, or toys in another room. The plan here is to escape from the everyday. Set up a Solar LED Umbrella to get that date night feel.

17. Take a Board Game Challenge

Take a Board Game Challenge

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Playing board games with your partner triggers the release of oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. For sweethearts with a deep bond or those who want a little boost in their lives together, the board games help you learn about each other and manifest an even stronger bond.

These games can be as lighthearted or deep as you wish them to be, they can also be more emotional, logical, or physical, depending on your mood! In the end, all of this teaches you something new about your partner.

18. Stargaze


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Nothing beats romance during moonlighting. But it's hard to plan on the park date. Well, embark on a captivating stargaze in the clear timeless beauty of the night skies.

Find the wandering planets, look for shooting stars, be sure to brush up on your astronomical knowledge, and consider setting up a convenient gear as Chaise Lounge , Adirondack Chair along with a Fire Pit Table in your garden or backyard to highlight the wonders of the cosmos with your partner. Make it an exceptional experience with food, music, or other things that add to the ambiance.

It's like that dinner date that you make for 6 months in advance. You think it will never happen. And then, it's here.

— Marshall Brickman

19. Cook a Gourmet Meal

Cook a Gourmet Meal

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Staying inside? Bring out the chefs in you and cook a gourmet meal together. Sure, the idea of cooking a fancy dinner could at first seem a little intimidating, but trying new food is a great way to bond with your partner - learning alongside is fun, too.

Venture out of your culinary comfort zone using different delicious recipes. Once it's time to eat, light candles on the dinner table, warm lighting, and pour a bottle of wine for the ultimate 5-star restaurant experience all in your dining room with a lover by your side.

20. Backyard Movie Night

Backyard Movie Night

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The important part is to spend quality time with your loved one, and to create unforgettable special moments, whether they last minutes or hours. Little moments like that build a bond. And backyard movie nights create long-lasting memories for you and your partner. For this cost-effective idea, all you need is a simple, handy projector, a backdrop, snacks, refreshments, speakers, and chairs.

So what's stopping you from turning your backyard into a cozy theater with creative seating arrangements?

21. Virtual Museum Date

Virtual Museum Date

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Many famous galleries and museums have virtual options. Visit The Louvre in Paris, and roam through The British Museum in London for an afternoon of fun. Go to The Dali Theater and Museum in Spain in the evening. Spend a night’s journey through The Vatican Museums in Vatican City.

This idea differs from the daily routine or usual dates you are used to, or simply more than just Netflix and chill. These virtual trips help you to plan more future in-person visits.

Final Thoughts

Love starts at home and if you are looking for patio furniture and other accessories, Bluu always has your back.

No matter your choice of at-home date night idea, the mood, and vibes you set make all the difference, and here at Bluu, our patio furniture is perfect for creating the exact romantic atmosphere you desire.

When you spend time creatively designing your date around Bluu's furniture, your sparks might fly in an even more extraordinary way. Checkout the Bluu's furniture collection to find your ideal date night furniture, and hopefully, your best date will follow.

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